Craps Happiness Strategy

Some strategies tell you how to bet, what types of bets to use, different betting systems, etc. Many craps players claim or seem to be able to manipulate the dice’s results and roll what they want to win.


With a look at the statistics, you can see that streaks of luck often happen in craps, and therefore every player would want to take advantage of it. Should you notice a thrower has a winning streak, regardless of whether it is superstition or manipulation of the dice, you should orient yourself on him because it is likely that he will win again. If a crap player has a winning streak, it means that he is lucky, and the statistics show that the chances for him are high again to win.


Our craps strategy to identify winning streaks in a craps game is to find them in a game and take advantage of them. You can also take advantage of someone’s streak of bad luck. Just bet against the craps bet or the unlucky thrower.


Always tip the dealer!

An important piece of advice for a craps game is to tip the dealer whenever you win. This will create a comfortable gaming environment, and more people will want you to win and be happy about it. This will give you the confidence to take advantage of the craps game and the streaks of luck that happen to you.


Always know when to stop playing!


A problem with many craps players is that they don’t know when to stop playing. This can cost you a lot because you’re not in a good mood to play, sad or angry, your bad mood will surely go on, and maybe it will worsen. Never chase your losses and if you have a bad session, stop playing craps. Play only when you are comfortable because then you will have your best games.


Bet according to your resources!


During a crap game, every player needs to know their resources and how to use them effectively. A player cannot bet huge amounts if he does not have enough money to continue playing if he loses. For example, if you have $ 1000 for craps, your bets must be between $ 20- $ 30. This allows you to stay in the game for a long time in the event of a losing streak. For example, if you have $ 100, you should (for the same reason) always bet $ 2- $ 3.


Craps is a game that started to become popular in the Middle Ages. Throughout the period, the game changed until it became the craps we know today. Craps is played all over the world and is one of the most popular casino games. You can quickly see that people who play craps are involved in every film that involves casinos – diamond fever, for example, the famous film about James Bond.


Because of the popularity of craps, people have always tried different craps strategies to develop what they wanted to use to reduce the casino edge and win.

Pro Blackjack Strategies

BlackJack is a dynamic game, and the basic strategy is not flexible enough, so players cannot benefit from it in special situations. Here is our medium blackjack strategy to help you take advantage of more aspects of the game and reduce the casino edge. With the medium BlackJack strategy, players have to start managing their bets, while with the basic strategy, they always had to bet the same amount.

A special situation with BlackJack where the basic BlackJack strategy cannot help is to take advantage of it when there is an ace in your hand. An ace makes your hand “soft” because that ace can be rated as 1 or 11 points, which is also an advantage, and if the players know how to use it, they have a better chance of winning.

Most players are superstitious, and this superstition influences their decisions about how they should sit, the seat they take, etc. Experienced BlackJack players do not trust superstition, instead, they trust the middle BlackJack strategy, which tells them how to behave and them helps with winning. At certain times it is correct to raise the stakes. For example, you should increase your bets in a winning streak until a losing streak comes, whereby with our basic strategy, you always bet the same amount because you have not yet had the experience to recognize the right moment when to reduce the number of bets or enlarged.

Another important thing is the choice of seat. The decision of the last place player could affect all players at the table, and a wrong decision could affect everyone. Suppose the player in the last place decides to hit instead of stopping. Maybe he gets a picture card and is busted, and so the dealer can get a weaker card and thus win.

Card counting is very complicated, a BlackJack player has to be very focused, and only a few can be and count cards. Card counting is prohibited in all casinos, and the casinos have the right to ban you, but if you can count cards, you should not shy away from using this talent because you will have such a good advantage.

There is a fairly simple blackjack counting system called Hi-Lo that will help you count the cards in a blackjack game. You have to give each card a value, different from the actual value.

Another blackjack counting system that is good for beginners is the KO counting method (Knockout Count Method). It is similar to the Hi-Lo except that the 7s have a value of +1. This counting system is not balanced because, as you can see in the table above, there are more +1 than -1. If your count goes up to +2 or higher, you should start increasing your bets, and the higher it goes, the bigger your bets need to get.

Wizard Ass / Five is another blackjack counting system for initial counters. It’s pretty simple, and the counter only has to count the 5’s and aces. It is said that removing a 5 or an ace from the deck has a greater impact on the odds for the dealer and the player. Removing a 5 from the deck increases the player’s odds while removing an ace increases the dealer’s (casino) odds.…